A Day in the Life of My Dog

Josene Macaspac is a young energetic writer that I like to recommend to others.  I asked her to contribute to this blog, and she came through with flying colors!

A Day in the Life of My Dog


My day always starts with a waterfall of footsteps. Yours, when you go down the stairs, rushing to go to wherever it is you have to go to everyday. I hope you know that even before your foot hits the last step, even before you come into my view, my tail is already wagging furiously.

Everyday, I run up to you, eager to let you know that I am so happy to see you. I usually can’t contain my excitement, so you have to forgive me if I’m a little too hyperactive and jump up on my front paws. On those days when you’re rushing to get out the front door, you’re usually too busy to play with me, and after a muttered greeting and a few hurried strokes to my back, you push me away and leave the house. But sometimes, you smile, you put down your coffee cup and your newspaper, and you sit down on the floor with me. You laugh and you smile and you talk to me, and even though I don’t understand everything that you say, I’m glad you take the time to play with me and let me show you how much I love being with you.

           I love these days the best.

But on those days that you don’t have the time to be with me in the mornings, I understand. I get some luxurious stretching done, then go and see what’s for breakfast. That’s another thing you should know that I love about you: you never forget to fill up my food and water bowl, no matter how busy your day gets. Those little, crunchy morsels are what really lets me know how much you care about me. After finishing up, I go and take a stroll around the house. I jump on the windowsill and bark at the passing people just to show them who is boss in this home (me, of course, when you’re not here), chase my tail around a few times (just to show IT who’s boss) and sniff around the house to see if anything is amiss. When everything seems to be in order, I go back to my favorite sunlit spot and lie back down.

You should know how much it means to me to have a stable and secure home, one that I know I can grow and play safely in. I’ve heard stories about others of my kind being abandoned by the people that they thought would love them forever, or how they never even got to meet anyone to love them like you do, and how they had to grow up in the streets. I’ve even heard stories about how, sometimes, they never even get past puppy stage. Whenever I hear those kinds of stories, I just want to go up to you and lick your face and let you know how grateful I am that you kept me healthy and safe ever since you brought me home.

Now I’m starting to get a little bored. I remember the last time I got bored, and seeing as you weren’t home, I started to play with the things around the house, like those big, soft, things with the fluff inside them, and that black box with the sounds and pictures coming out of it. I also remember how angry you got with me when you got home. I remember that you shouted at me, and that I told myself that I wouldn’t go near those things again. So, I crawl over to the little squeaky things – toys, I think, you called them- you bought for me. You seem happy whenever you see me playing with them, and happier still when I bring them over to you so that we can play with them together.

            I don’t really like it when you keep on throwing the squeaky things for me to fetch back, but seeing as you seem to enjoy it, I’m more than happy to go along with it.

            Finally, the sun goes away and I hear your footsteps coming up the porch and your keys jingling. I hope you hear how excited I am to see you home! I know you’re tired, so after a few minutes of attention, I’m good with that. You turning off the lights and your footsteps going up the stairs are the last things I see and hear before going to sleep.

I can’t wait for another day with you.





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