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Valorie Maya and her Furry Earthling

As I create my Earthling Empire, I realize that we can’t leave out our precious pets.  They are, after all, earthlings also, and as we improve our vibrations, their vibrations are  directly affected.

I believe the reason we are attracted to our cats, dogs, and other animal friends is because their personal frequency is already high, and our attraction to that vibratory force is irresistible.  We are the ones who choose what to do with that force; we either try to stamp down their frequency to match ours, or we strive to live up to their frequency.

I like the challenge of living up to my dog Ginger’s frequency.  Like me, she came into this world a powerful energetic force.  The difference between us is her ability to forgive, love with all of hIMG_2052er heart, and live worry free about her future.  Animals live in the moment; they have no hang-ups about their quality of life or unforeseeable future health and financial issues.  They completely accept their own natures.  They don’t need to try to fit in or impress or change who they are.

We, as pet owners, can try to change their likes and dislikes, be disgusted by their grooming habits and odors, and do our best to anthropomorphize them.  They will do their best to make us happy.  But when it comes down to it all they want from us is love, acceptance, and an endless supply of nutritious goodies.

Anyway, about me:  I’ve had pets for decades, starting with a hamster named Peaches, and have spent all of those years trying to learn all I can about the animal world.  The more I learn, the more I love, and as love is a high vibration frequency I’ve decided this is a good reason to include the subject of loving our pets in my earthling websites.

I have a feathered earthling also, so I can say I’m happy bird parent.  This is why there will be posts on bird health.

I hope to help all who are increasing their personal vibration to include their beloved pets in their journey.  Most of us know deep down that we are who we are because of our pets, and are more than happy to give them the best of our love.

If there is anything I can look into for you, or if you have any suggestions for Furry Earthlings, feel free to contact me at  I look forward to hearing from you.

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