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Healing Crystals For Your Pet


When I started adopting pets I found they each came with their own interesting levels of baggage, and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to help them.  As I progressed on my own energy healing journey, I realized that our pets not only have the same personal energy systems as ours, they can be helped and healed with the same methods; tweaked a little to match their sensitivities, but just as healing.

Before I discovered Reiki I discovered the power of Healing crystals and gems, and as my animal reiki practice grew I knew I could use these crystals and gems to help my charges.  Gnger BlingSo I started making Ginger Bling.

Ginger is the name of my most recent adoption, a shy, skittish, fearful, sensitive 10 pound chihuahua mix.  I’d always had people friendly, brave, and kind animals, and even though she was extra loving Ginger was a new challenge for me.   I had a partial back story on her life before me so I knew I’d be adopting a shy pup, but I had no idea how deep her fear went, and since she was extra sensitive I had to be extra careful about how I introduced her to her new life.

I turned to the crystals and found some that would work great with Ginger’s energy, created some pendants and hung them on Ginger’s collar.  They worked wonders.  Even though Ginger’s chihuahua personality is still prominent, (for instance, I spent the last two days with a barking dog until I realized she was warning the household of the danger that lurked on our porch – two large pumpkins my neighbor had placed on the steps for  Halloween) it’s easier to involve her in my social life.  I can take her with me when I visit my friends, go on hikes and spend time with my family.  I was thrilled to find she was bonding with my parents and I could leave her for a week with them when I went on vacation.

Now I have a shop on, named after the pup that inspired me to create more.

I chose gems that were gentle enough to work with sensitive energy systems, that can 115be adorned and forgotten, last a lifetime or be replaced when needed with another healing gem. The two that are currently on Ginger’s collar are turquoise and moss agate. Lately I’ve been feeling an urge to give her a rose quartz pendant as well, even though Ginger is loving, loved, accepting and accepted already.

The following are are gems and crystals I’ve chosen to work with and the reasons I like them.  If you find one you think would benefit your pooch, your kitty or even you, I invite you to visit my Etsy shop, GingerBling.

Rose Quartz:  A gentle energy crystal that promotes opening of hearts and acceptance of love from others and for themselves.  It’s ideal to use with rescued, injured, sick, or standoffish animals and when first introducing your new pet to a new home.

108Green Moss Agate:  A wonderful source of Earth energy.  We all need a bit of green earth grounding to relieve stress and promote calm.  Moss agate is perfect for dogs and cats who don’t have a lot of outdoor time.

Smokey Quartz:  A grounding crystal that works to reduce hostilities and clearing negative energies.  It’s a good crystal to have in a home with more than one pet, especially if their personalities clash with each other.

Dalmatian Jasper: Another source of gentle grounding for animals of all kinds.  It helps to 114alleviate fear, encourage emotional harmony and promote trust.  It supports the body’s physical balance and the balance of yin-yang energy.  Animal trainers would benefit from this stone.


111Carnelian:  A stabilizing crystal that promotes emotional balance, happiness and harmony.  Carnelian adds courage and confidence to those starting a new chapter in life and is especially useful to those overcoming abuse of any kind.  It’s a good crystal for shy or anxious newcomers to help deal with change.


The addition of clear quartz beads to some of the charms help amplify the power of the stones and crystals.  It draws off negative energy of all kinds, harmonizes all of the chakras, and brings the body into balance.  I also like to add a little Citrine, a crystal that has many positive attributes that include: cleansing the chakras, promotes emotional balance,  energizes and revitalizes, and promotes a feeling of joy, wonder and enthusiasm.

As my practice grows I’m sure I’ll find new and exciting ways to help our pets.  I’ve even started investigating IET, Integrated Energy Technique, an energy healing modality that works with the power of angels.  Right now Ginger is enjoying a combination of Reiki and TTouch, a massage system developed by Linda Tellington-Jones that promotes healing by awakening cellular intelligence.  Using your fingers you gently massage in a circular motion up and down the body to speed up self-healing, relieve anxieties, and change bad habits.  I’m not a licensed practitioner, but I’ve trained enough to know how to work with my pets.  So far, no complaints!

Adding crystals to my practice has been a very positive experience and I’m always excited to be creative with my craft.   Visit GingerBling here:

And let me know what you think!

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