How Cute They Are!

Look What I Found!


I’ve been all over the internet looking for sites that peak my animal loving interest.  I’ve found a few good places for anyone with a heart to visit when they need a pick-me-up or a good laugh.

One place I fell upon is a great replacement for Youtube.  Completely devoted to showing off your pets, is a great place to find cute animal videos.  There are so many you could spend your whole weekend sitting in front of the computer and going, “Aww, isn’t that ADORABLE!”  And if you have your own cutie to show off, upload your own video; I bet you get more viewers.

If you just like to look at pretty pictures, is a good site.  These are mostly pictures of baby animals, but I love to look at them.  Who can resist an adorable baby of any species?  You’ll find ducklings, kittens, puppies, ferrets, bears, pigs, lizards; I even found a picture of a young praying mantis that was cute!  These are top quality pics that you just have to see!


FaceBook is a great place to find animal friendly people.  Take “By the Grace of Dog“.  People love to talk about their pets, even me, and communities are popping up everywhere just so people can brag about their beloved four-legged children.  Just look at how many people “Liked” the page simply named “Cats”.   Over 874,000 people love their cats!  Over 50 thousand love their ferrets!  I just might start a page for Furry Earthlings to see what’ll happen.


This video was posted on my Facebook page and I decided it was heartwarming enough to add to this post–keep the tissue handy, cause this one’s a corker!

Watch Christian Videos and Read the Online Bible at

I also like  They’re right about the pictures they post – these animals are terribly cute!

There’s this great site,, where you can post stories, watch videos, enter contests and vote on polls; all in the name of your pets!

Every pet is covered, including your fishy friends.

They even have a page that will help you find and adopt your next pet.

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