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Your Pet’s Energy System


Did you know that your dog has chakras?  When was the last time you checked your cat’s chi?  Have you thought about healing your pet’s physical ills by healing their emotional blockages?

I bet not.   

Like us, all animals have an active energy system.  They are as connected to the universe as we are –  which means they have chakras, meridians, and energy/aura fields.  They can actively connect to their intuition and use their energy field to communicate to us.  Have you ever felt like you’re being watched, or decided for no apparent reason that the dog you’ve encountered is in a bad mood?  Just because we can’t see their auras doesn’t mean that we aren’t feeling them.

Because they are so open and naturally connected to nature, animals are more likely to respond to natural and holistic healing methods than we are.  Our complicated brains can fool us into ignoring the health of our own energy, or we can convince ourselves that something is working for us when it really isn’t, and we have the ability to block the energy invasion, healthy or not, of other people.  Animals don’t, making them extra sensitive to energy work.

Everything we do and think is automatically picked up by our pets.  They feel our emotions.  They pick up on our physical problems.  They can see our auras, sense our love, and see our thoughts because they can read our energy. It’s easier to use energy healing methods on animals because they naturally respond to and respect energy manipulation.  Unfortunately this also makes it easier to abuse them, even unintentionally, and you can lose their trust if you aren’t aware of what you are communicating to them.

When a dog tucks his tail he’s protecting his root chakra, when your cat stares at you he might be tapping into his third eye.  Even though their chakras create emotional, mental and spiritual layers of energy around them, like ours do, the auras created by them reflect different meanings because of the differences in our consciousness limitations.  It would be helpful to learn about these differences if you’re interested in practicing energy work, like Reiki, with them.  Because of their physical makeup, it’s easy for them to see us as our energy systems. We have to work harder at seeing theirs, but it can be done.

Just as we can practice to see and manipulate other people’s energy with acupressure, acupuncture, Reiki and other energy healing methods, Bach flower essences and other holistic remedies, we can do the same with our pets. On the flip side, our pets can use their energy to help us.

Aquarian Blessings offers healing sessions for your animals and some vibrational healing methods that you can learn.

To see more about their chakras go here:


Four Paws, Five Directions: A Guide to Chinese Medicine for Cats and Dogs, written by veterinarian  Cheryl Schwartz,  is a great book for learning about the meridian lines and therapies used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is based on our natural connection to the energy of the universe,  for dogs and cats.  Used for centuries on humans, it can be helpful for our pets as well.

Hands-On Healing for Pets: The Animal Lover’s Essential Guide to Using Healing Energy

This book can teach you how to use energy therapies on your pet.  Margrit Coates shows you when, how, and where to use hands-on healing and gives tips on other popular alternative treatments.



As with our own vibrational levels, everything you feed them, give them, say to them, or do for them affects our animal’s energy.  Be aware of what’s in your dog’s food or cat’s treats, and try to feed them pesticide and preservative free products.  Make sure the energy quality of everything you do is high and full of love.  Make informed decisions to ensure the health of your pet, and remember that whatever you do for or to yourself is seen and felt by your pet, so think twice about doing anything that might do you harm.

Your high vibration life habits will directly affect your pet, so take good care of yourself!



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