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Early in 2014 I adopted a small Chihuahua mix named Ginger.  Though cute, cuddly, IMG_2134and very playful, she’s the first dog I’ve ever had that was afraid of people and new situations in such a way that she’d run away with her tail tucked so tightly between her legs you’d never know she had one.  It took me two months to get her used to some of my friends, and even longer to get her to trust them enough to let her out or feed her when I needed help.

All of my dogs before her were loving, friendly, curious and eager to make new friends.  I never had worry about getting my friends to help me out because they all felt welcome and loved in my house.  Ginger, on the other hand, made it known that I was the only human welcome in my house.  I was at a loss and I knew I had to think of something.

As you’ve learned on “Love Their Energy”, animals have a personal energy field that responds to special healing stones and crystals as well as we do; actually even better because they are so much more sensitive to mother nature’s charms.  So I decided to try a couple and see what happens.

The result: a little turquoise and a little moss agate helped create a friendlier, more confident pooch.  Ginger bonded with my mom and now trusts a couple of my neighbors enough to go pee and get treats without too much worry.  I can take her for a walk and talk with my neighbors, when I call her to me she doesn’t hide with worry about being punished for something.  I can’t give all of the credit to the stones, but I’m confident they helped.

Ginger’s plight inspired me to investigate more healing stones and open up shop on  I now make a collection of pendants made with different stones and crystals that are easy to clip on to any collar.  I hate those loops that come with regular dog tags.

I chose to work with the healing master stones that work best for sensitive dog emotional energy.

Turquoise:  It’s a master healer with protective energy from Mother Earth that can be used for everything.  It has a calming effect and promotes a sense of security.

Moss Agate:  It is a beautiful source of Earth energy that grounds and relaxes the wearer.

Carnelian:  It promotes emotional balance, courage, happiness and harmony.

Smokey Quartz:  Works to reduce hostilities between your pet and others.  It grounds and clears negative energies related to their dispute.  It works well when you have more than one pet in the house.

Dalmatian Jasper:  This stone is popular for use with all animals.  It grounds them and helps to alleviate fear.

Rose Quartz:  My favorite.  It radiates a gentle loving energy that encourages the acceptance of love and companionship without fear.  Most people find that when they add this crystal to their pet’s environment life gets easier for everybody.  My house has rose quartz in almost every room as well as on my back patio.  Gnger Bling

Interested in adding a pendant to your dog’s collar?  Check out my Etsy shop; I call it GingerBling.

As a dog owner I’m constantly on the prowl for healthy products that my dog will love.  As a person on a budget, I keep in mind that whatever I get for my dog is either chewed to smithereens, swallowed whole, or completely covered in dog hair and drool within minutes.  So I am a picky pet consumer.

Recently I was honored to win a free bag of chicken jerky treats from a small Florida based company called Dog Pack Snacks.  They make “whole and wholesome” nutritional and low fat snacks just for dogs that are preservative and salt free.  Some of the snacks look good enough for human consumption and the site also has a page with some tasty snacks you can cook up yourself.  Jolene, my dog, loved the chicken jerky.  The Chicken-n-cheese bones will be her next treat.  Go to and check it out for yourself!


Dogs have very sensitive ears.  Every sound they hear creates a reaction, and some reactions can be detrimental.  The good news is that you can create an acoustic friendly environment for your dog that can soothe a nervous dog, help with separation anxiety, fear of thunderstorms and food aggression. Through a Dog’s Ear: Using Sound to Improve the Health & Behavior of Your Canine Companion written by psychoacoustic expert Joshua Leeds and veterinary neurologist Susan Wagner, includes tips and advice on how to make your dog’s environment sound-friendly, and includes a 45 minute CD with music psychoacoustically designed for dogs. 

They even have a CD to help calm a nervous dog while in the car:
Through a Dog’s Ear – Driving Edition


has some great products that include fancy blankets, collars, bedding and car products.  They have everything for puppies to older dogs that need help getting around.


Part of caring for your dog is caring for his health.  And part of caring for his health is caring about what he does or doesn’t eat.  Check this blog out, written by a pet tech instructor, for the don’ts of your dog’s ingestion: has a lot of information for dog owners.  You can learn how to potty train your puppy, groom your dog, subscribe to their free dog diet and nutrition course, and read their blogs and articles.   Then learn their training tips for the well behaved dog.

I started grooming my own dogs years ago.  I have my own electric shears and grooming kit, and I take the time to keep my dog brushed and clean.  It’s as important to take care of your pet’s outer self as it is to take care of their inner health; even brushing their teeth on a regular basis can keep their gums and heart healthy.  You can find a great library of how-to videos on You Tube to teach you how to groom your dog.  I stumbled upon this video posted by a couple of caring groomers trying to help a neglected dog:


 It’s easy to love your dog.  Especially when you have a little extra help.

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